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Moving Out Initiative 2013

University students, are you moving out this summer? Efforts are being made to raise awareness amongst students about the importance of disposing of any waste responsibly and recycling as much as possible when moving out of private accommodation when term finishes. 

This initiative is important as students have a significant part to play in recycling in Bath. We also know that there can be issues regarding waste left over when students move out of private accommodation and that this can impact on the local community. We want to prevent this by raising awareness amongst students of their responsibilities to the local community and their environment. 

The relationship between the University and the city is vital. Keeping the city clean and tidy is an important part of maintaining this relationship. With the right information, you will know how and where to dispose of your waste, and know the options available for recycling and donating unwanted items.

Awareness events have been held at both Universities and all the information you will need can be found here.

We will also be out and about in Oldfield Park, Westmoreland and Widcombe in the coming weeks visiting properties with student residents to give useful information and advice.

When getting ready to move out also consider if any items you don’t want any more can be donated.

Clothes, shoes, books and bric-a-brac can be donated to your local charity shop         

Food-use the regular food waste collection but if you have any unopened tins and packets you can donate them to the Bath Foodbank who provide 3 days emergency food to people in crisis.

You can drop any unwanted food items into Oldfield Park Baptist Church on Tuesdays between 7pm -9:45pm during their Student Study Café. We will then collect any donations and take them to the Foodbank.

Furniture can be donated to the Genesis Trust if it is in a reusable condition.

Three top tips for students moving out:

Plan ahead – when is your next recycling and waste collection day? Look on and put items out now so it doesn’t pile up just before you leave;

Use your local Recycling Centre – Take bulky items such as old electrical equipment, furniture, bric-a-brac, and similar items to the Recycling Centre in Midland Road, Bath, BA1 3AT (Opposite Royal Victoria Park) Open 8am – 4.15pm weekdays, 8am – 3.45pm weekends and bank holidays. Don’t forget you need a permit to use the recycling centre.

Use the Council pick up service - Call Council Connect on 01225 394041 or email and ask for a bulky waste pick up for any large items you can’t take to the recycling centre yourself, only £13.72 for up to 3 items. 

Good luck with your move!



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