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Everybody needs good neighbours!

Have you, or are you just about to move into a new house for this academic year? Whether this is your first time living away from home, or if you have been living independently for a while you can find lots of useful information this website.

One of the most useful and rewarding things you can do is introduce yourself to your new neighbours when you move in. If you’re too shy to knock on the door write them a note, or use one our Good Neighbour Postcards.  Or if you have been living in your house for a while, and new neighbours have moved in next door why not pop round and introduce yourself?

Your neighbours can help you with things like when your bin day is, if you’re going to be away and miss a collection if you ask them nicely they might put your bins out for you.

They will be a mine of information about the local area. You can help each other out by doing things like taking in a parcel, helping clear the path in the snow or keeping an eye on the house if they are away.

If you know who your neighbours are, and understand a bit about their lifestyle (Do they work nights? Do they have young children?) you are far less likely to have problems. Or if you do have a problem, they are more likely to come to you about it first, rather than the Council or the University.

So why not make the first move get to know your neighbours, because that’s when neighbours become good friends!

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