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Christmas is coming- Are you prepared?

We hope you have a good Christmas Break and are looking forward to the year ahead. Below you will find some useful information to make sure you have a great festive period.


Christmas vacation period

We hope that you all have a lovely Christmas break!

Please remember if you are leaving your property for the Christmas period, to take your valuables with you and make sure that your property is locked up properly, turn off all electrical items, close all windows and set the alarm if you have one when you leave. It only takes 5 minutes to check that everything is safe and secure.

Remember this is when having a good relationship with your neighbours can pay dividends when it comes to reporting suspicious activity when you’re away during the holidays.

Also, you may wish to check your contract or speak to your Landlord/Letting Agent for any additional requirements that you may be required to carry out. For example, what to do with your heating while the property is empty or whether you need to notify your Landlord that the property will be empty for a period of time.


Keep your stuff safe

If you were lucky enough to get a new smart phone, MP3 player, games console, tablet or some other portable device for Christmas there are a couple of simple top-tips for keeping it safe.

  • Make use of tracking software which you can download on computers, tablet devices and some smart phones for free. These can be activated remotely to find the location of your device if it ever goes missing.
  • Take photos of your device, make a note of any registration numbers or the IMEI number on your phone (you can find this under the battery or in the settings/info menu on smart phones) and register them on  , which is a free on-line service.
  • Back up your data to a reputable on-line storage service so you don't lose photos or course work.
  • Password protect your devices wherever possible.
  • Don't flash them about in public. Be street wise – be discreet and put them out of sight.
  • Never leave bags hanging on the back of chairs in cafés, keep them zipped up and avoid leaving mobile phones or other valuables on tables, where an opportunist thief could easily swipe them

Staying in Bath?

If you are staying in Bath and North East Somerset over the festive period there are a few things to remember.

Check the Council website to see if any changes to the waste and recycling collections will affect you:

If you are leaving the area please remember to check when your last collection is before leaving and recycle any food waste before you go. Christmas is a time of celebration but it often leads to more waste. Don’t forget to recycle all your Christmas cards and wrapping paper (white backed) with your usual collections.

To find out more please go to the website for information about our services, tips to reduce your waste at Christmas and for latest collection updates (especially if there is adverse weather).


Bath Student Accommodation Guide 2014….now available!

For useful information, hints and tips to consider before you start house hunting next year please click here.


Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Please follow this link for useful advice and information about noise, waste, living in and being part of the Community in Bath. Respect your neighbours and other people living in the community by being aware of noise levels when returning home late at night or early in the morning. Consider those that may be disturbed (noise travels further than you think at night!), and keep noise to a minimum after 10pm. If you receive any complaints take responsibility and act on them before the complaints are taken any further.




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