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Energy Efficiency

Making your accommodation energy efficient

Advice for Students:

With fuel bills on the rise it’s important to try and make your home as energy efficient as possible. This can be difficult in shared accommodation and in rented houses or flats, but there are some basic steps everyone can all take to reduce the amount of energy we use and waste.

When you are looking at properties, make sure the one you choose is on the Council's Property Accreditation Scheme which means it should achieve basic levels of energy efficiency. 

Always ask to see the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which the Landlord is legally obliged to have. An EPC provides an energy rating A-G for the property, like you get on electrical equipment; the better the energy rating, the lower your bills will be. You can look it up yourself on the EPC register.

Check the Accommodation Guide for other things to ask the landlord when you are looking round.

You can save around £300 a year just by being more careful with energy in the home. There are lots of free and easy things you can do to help reduce your bills

  •  Heating - this probably costs you the most, so make sure you are using your system efficiently
  •   Fridges and freezers - they use electricity all the time, so it's worth helping them to use less,
  •  Cooking – whether you use gas / electric or both there are lots of tips to waste less,
  •  Washing & drying your clothes – getting your settings right can make a big difference,
  •   Hot water – there are big savings to be made by getting the timing and temperature right,

 An electricity monitor shows you how much electricity you are using, and helps you find ways to reduce it. You can borrow an electricity monitor for free from any library in B&NES.

You may be paying more for your bills than you need to! Check you are getting the best deal from your current supplier, or you can use a free comparison site to see if you can get a better deal from a different supplier. You can switch even if it says you are not allowed to in your contract.

For more complicated energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, heating improvements, glazing upgrades, draught proofing, or if you are having damp and mould problems, speak to your Landlord. As a tenant, you may be eligible for a grant for loft and cavity wall insulation. You will need written permission from your Landlord to have it fitted.

If you have any further questions you can freephone the Home Energy Advice Team on 0800 082 2234

For local green news and events, join the Bath &North East Somerset Environmental Sustainability Network or follow @GreenBathNES on Twitter




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