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Oldfield Park


Oldfield Park is a diverse community with many students, young professionals, families and older people. 

Moorland Road is at the heart of Oldfield Park and there are a range of amenities on and around it including pubs, cafes, a post office, banks, letting agents, charity shops, take-aways, supermarkets, butchers, fruit & vegetable shops, GP surgeries and pharmacies.There are also community centres and Churches in the area as well as a number of green open spaces for those hot lazy summer days!

A community group called Onboard looks after the planting at Oldfield Train Station.



 Oldfield Park has a wide range of housing, from terraced housing through to semi-detached  houses and private properties. The range of student accommodation is diverse, including flats,  houses and maisonettes. Be careful about renting near the train line - it can be very noisy!


  Oldfield Park Baptist runs a student study cafe every Tuesday evening, offering a warm and quiet  space for revision or coursework. 


 Student comment:

"Oldfield Park is a great place to live as a student, as even on the edges you still have the best transport links in Bath. In fact, it’s probably easier to get a bus in the morning from around Coronation Avenue straight to campus than it is from the city centre, and the rest of the time you have convenient local shops, a ten to twenty minute walk to the heart of Bath and plenty of houses to choose from".


Useful Contacts

If you live here and have any community issues, please contact your local Councillors

Oldfield Councillors

Cllr David Dixon 

Cllr Will Sandry

Westmoreland Councillors

Cllr June Player 

Cllr Sharon Ball

If you have any concerns about crime or community safety contact your Local Police Team




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